Tom Trauger’s legacy in the Las Vegas cycling community is characterized by his unparalleled dedication to the sport, professional excellence as a respected tax attorney, and tireless advocacy for cyclist safety. Tom tragically died in December 2020 along with four fellow cyclists, but his memory lives on because of the significant changes he inspired in the cycling community and legal field.

A Legal Luminary with a Cyclist’s Heart

Prior to his untimely passing, Tom was known not only for his accomplishments on the bike trails, but also for his distinguished career in tax law. His experience and professionalism earned him widespread respect in the legal community, second only to his passion for cycling. Tom seamlessly combined his legal acumen with his love of the sport, advocating for the rights and safety of cyclists with the same zeal and dedication he applied to his legal practice.

Championing Cycling Safety and Legal Change

Tom was deeply committed to the bicycling community. He was instrumental in advocating for safer laws and infrastructure for cyclists, using his legal background to effect meaningful change. Tom was a key figure in local bicycle clubs where he not only shared his extensive knowledge of bicyclist safety and rights, but also actively participated in initiatives to improve road safety for bicyclists. He has been a strong advocate at City Council meetings, pushing for legislation that protects bicyclists and promotes a culture of mutual respect between bicyclists and automobile drivers.

A Lasting Legacy

In the wake of Tom’s loss, the Las Vegas Cyclist Memorial Fund (LVCM) emerged as a beacon of hope and a testament to his life’s work. The fund, established to honor Tom and his fellow LV5 cyclists, focuses on continuing Tom’s mission to improve cycling safety and legal protections for cyclists.

Tom Trauger’s life was an amazing combination of professional excellence and passionate defense of the interests of the bicycling community. His legacy is reflected in the ongoing work of LVCM, in the safer bicycling routes he helped create, and in the countless cyclists he inspired to be safe and respectful of their passion. Tom’s drive to make a difference in both his professional field and the world of cycling continues to inspire action and change, ensuring that his impact will be felt for generations to come.