In the constellation of passionate cyclists gracing the roads of Las Vegas, Erin Michelle Ray stood out brightly. Her tragic passing in December 2020, along with four fellow cyclists, cast a shadow over the community, but her legacy lives on as a beacon of hope and unity.

A Life of Passion and Purpose

Erin Michelle Ray was born on July 31, 1981, in Wichita, Kansas. Her path was marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, adventure, and an active lifestyle. Growing up in Kansas, Florida and Holladay, Utah, she excelled at Olympus High School and demonstrated athletic prowess in soccer and basketball.

From Athletics to Real Estate and Beyond

After graduation, Erin’s adventurous spirit led her to Las Vegas, where she had a successful career as a realtor, channeling her energy into finding the perfect homes for her clients. However, her athletic accomplishments were far from over. Erin ventured into the world of barrel racing, demonstrating her versatility and competitive spirit. Her passion for fitness took a new turn when she competed in national bodybuilding competitions, a testament to her determination and discipline.

Despite her competitive nature, Erin’s heart was as vast as her ambition. She was a beacon of support and encouragement within the athletic community, especially to newcomers to the sports of cycling, swimming, and triathlon. Her ability to keep up with “the boys” despite her diminutive size was a source of pride and inspiration, breaking stereotypes and embodying the spirit of inclusivity and determination.

A Legacy That Inspires

Erin Michelle Ray’s legacy is a mosaic of her athletic accomplishments, passion for life, and unwavering support of her peers. Through LVCM initiatives and the collective efforts of the cycling community, her spirit continues to guide and inspire, ensuring that her love of cycling and dedication to the community will never be forgotten.

Erin’s life story is a vivid reminder of the impact one person can have, and proof that passion combined with compassion can indeed make the world a better place.